Julia Simonello is a mixed media artist with a love of bright, bold colors and energetic lines. Through the use of collage, paint, and pigments, she thrives on creating order out of chaos.

With no prior art education and a desire to create art journals, Julia picked up the brush in 2018 and never looked back. She quickly discovered that she was inspired by the people around her and how their eyes often convey what their faces do not.

Raised in the Panama Canal Zone, Julia is an avid traveler. She currently resides on the Space Coast of Florida with her husband, two dogs and five chickens.


Artist Statement

I love to make people laugh. Whether the joke is front and center, or something more subtle, when I elicit a smile my work is done.

Often it’s a surprise to see who will show up when I sit down at the easel. A curve of a lip here, the top of a head there and suddenly a character rises to the surface to share their individual emotions and story.

Each of my paintings take me on a wild ride as they reveal their secrets through texture, color and most importantly, their eyes.

My favorite part? Naming them. That’s when the giggles really kick in!



My art is currently on display at:

Carolyn Seiler and Friends in Cocoa Village, Cocoa, Florida

Zora Bora Gallery in St Augustine, Florida