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Brush Down, Hands Up!

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I joined a thirty day challenge to celebrate International Women’s Day. Thirty portraits, thirty days, thirty minutes each.

What a whirlwind those thirty minutes were. Instead of chiming, I wished Alexa could say “Brush Down! Hands Up!”

To keep it simple and quick, I used only india ink, white gesso, graphite and a white pen. There are a couple with some spot color, but not too many.

What a great experience this was. It stretched my skills – I definitely don’t paint realism, and gave me the opportunity to learn about the fabulous women who have come before, the women we are now and the women we are raising.



Stay Amazing!

New Digs!

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As we all try to wrap our heads around this pause we finds ourselves in, the husband has kept himself very busy building a new studio for me!

We are fortunate to have a large separate garage on our property. Unfortunately, when we moved in, that building became the Den of Despair Where Delayed Decisions go to Die.

It’s been a process, but at last it’s done and I’m in! My mother always said that it’s easier to move halfway around the world than it is to move across the street and boy, ain’t that the truth! I feel like I’m moving in one paintbrush and pen at a time. At least by this time next year, I’ll know what I don’t use or need.

Taking out the garage door and putting in a door and window.


Let there be light!

My husband’s such a stud!



Moving in!




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I’m on an ‘E’ Ticket Ride


Once upon a time in the Land of Disney, there was no such thing as fast passes or, lines permitting, unlimited turns on any given ride. There were no MagicBands for hotel guests. Imagine this, if you will, a time where entrance to the park came with a little stapled book of paper items called “tickets”. There were varying values, but the best and most expensive ticket (at a whopping .89 cents) was the ‘E’ ticket. This ticket got you on the latest and greatest rides! An ‘A’ ticket got you a ride on the street car. An ‘E’ ticket? Submarine Voyage! A ‘B’ ticket? Casey Jr. Train. An ‘E’ ticket? Matterhorn Bobsleds! You get the picture. It was ALL about the ‘E’ ticket rides.

I am definitely on a ‘E’ ticket ride this year!

The majority of the summer has been spent taking online classes from the fabulous Ardith Goodwin. I can’t recommend her classes highly enough. Some of my works in progress from her classes include these guys: “Comb-over Carl”, “Tony Toupee” and “Bob, but I Call Him Dennis”.

Comb-Over Carl - A Work in Progress Tony Toupee - A Work in ProgressBob, But I Call Him Dennis - A Work in Progress

And just when I thought life couldn’t get any sweeter, I met Carolyn Seiler through our mutual friend, Maxine Trainer. These women are amazing artists, mentors and animal lovers. Carolyn owns Carolyn Seiler & Friends – An Artists Co-Op in Cocoa Village, Florida and guess what? She asked me to join her artists in her gallery!

Insert happy dance here!!!

As of one week ago today, my peeps and I are part of Carolyn’s wonderful tribe of artists! I’m still pinching myself and find that I’ve been using the word “Gobsmacked” a lot.

I still can't believe this happened!

As for those Disney tickets? I have some unused sets of them around here somewhere and judging by what people are selling them for in Ebay, I might just make enough to pay for parking should I ever go to the parks again!





Moving Forward Looking Back


Yesterday was one of those “Best Day Ever” days! Two of my best gal pals and I took my daughter who was visiting from Hawaii to Winter Park. We took the scenic boat tour through the Winter Park Chain of Lakes and WOW, that was fabulous. We saw some amazing “bungalows”, birds and boat houses.



This is the house Mr. Rogers’ father allegedly bought for him to live in while he attended Rollins College in the 1950s.

I’d be singing “It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” too, if that were my neighborhood.






We attempted a selfie after leaving Sam Flax Art Store but no matter how hard we tried, we just couldn’t really get four of us into the shot. At this point in the effort, we all almost tumbled over like a row of dominoes.








Moving forward, I thought I had resolved the issue of readers being unable to post comments. Turns out I haven’t so it’s back to the drawing board on that one. Time to call tech support…

My most “exciting” news today is I think I have finally figured out how to post to Instagram from my laptop. I’m probably the last person to do so, but I’m so happy I did! Now it’s off to make another list…this time, a list of hashtags.

Until next time,



Already it’s April?

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I feel like this year has been a mad rush on a treadmill. I'm running as fast as I can and getting nowhere.

Actually, that's not true. I went from zero to 100 in the blink of an eye the first two months of this year. I created a lot of product and had a great show in the Keys in February. Didn't sell much, but the experience was amazing.








Clearly, I now see the need for a carpet for my booth!


March felt like I was just putting band-aids on things and getting projects "mostly" done. I made lists and lists and lists of lists while pacing back and forth while talking to myself. I called it "having a staff meeting".

So now it's April. It's time to circle back and finish up those sloppily patched projects. It's time to do the yuck business stuff of creating spreadsheets and making a business plan. It's time to work on this website. It's time to open up the light box I purchased and get better pictures of my prints for the shop. In other's time.