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2020, Don’t Let the Door Hit You in the A$$

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10 hours and thirty one minutes from now it’s a wrap.

It hasn’t been all bad. Sure, there was fear. Definitely there was too much hate and untold sadness, but there have been bright spots as well.

I have made connections with amazing artists and beautiful human beings that I probably would never have made. I have started and sustained a journaling practice that I’ve always dreamed of doing. I have created a cozy, creative space for myself.

I used my voice and vote to instigate change. I pushed some boundaries with my art and learned that sometimes it’s okay to just hang onto a wall.

It’s been a year. When “normal” returns, there are definitely parts of my new normal that I will keep.

Happy New Year!

Stay amazing!

Oh Tannenbaum!

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I feel like I’m in a Macy’s Christmas window!

The holidays are upon us and the windows at Carolyn Seiler and Friends in Cocoa Village are all decked out with my Imagining Imogene front and center!

And if you’re into crazy birds and animals on your tree, I can accommodate that too!

This year continues to amaze and humble me.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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