Emile De La Fontaine

Emilie De La Fontaine

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Emilie De La Fontaine was the belle of the Moulin Rouge.

Known, not for her voice, but for her large,avian-inspired headdresses and tightly cinched, high, pointed bustiers.

She was also the lover of famed artist, Toulouse Lautrec, who often painted her, and occasionally on canvas.

It is rumored that one night after a particularly inspired performance, she clutched her “Little Lover” with such ardor that she almost put out one of his eyes.

This is merely speculation as he was seen wearing an eye patch for several weeks following that event.

Lautrec later tweeted that the media had overblown the incident and the whole story was for the birds.

Emilie continues to inspire such stage performers as Carmen Miranda and Madonna to

this day.