I’ve spent this week shaking my head and thinking, “Really? You really said that? You really believe that?” I’m dismayed and for the short term, dismayed I shall remain.

I met myself on the paper this week because “Rita” and I are wearing the same expression. It made me chuckle when she appeared because even The Husband said, “That’s kind of how you looked last Sunday.” (Occasionally he has flashes of being observant although finding me screaming into a pillow may have given my feelings away.)




Enough of that.

Have you ever played with Scribbler? You create a line drawing using your mouse, start scribbler running and it fills in all sorts of wonderful lines within your lines. Clear as mud? Here examples of images I created using Scribbler.

For “Rita”, I printed out the lines and the circles on deli paper and then used them for collage.

Scribbler is crazy addictive and the more I play, the more collage fodder I create!

Scribbler only works on the computer, not on the phone. Check it out and have some fun!!

Until next time.



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3 Replies to “Really?”

  1. oh I love her. And I would say “Amen” to screaming into pillows… so liberating, right?
    Thanks for sharing about scribbler, I might give it a try.

  2. I LOVE your face. How many times I’ve felt like this!

    Scribbler? I wanna check that out. I remember when my son was little we’d play a game where one of us would draw a line or a circle and the other would make a picture out of it. We had fun.

    I need to find a screaming pillow.

  3. I must try Scibbler, though I fear I will spend too much time there. I love Rita, and I’m pretty sure I make that face and say “Really?” at least once a day!

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